director | editor


Written and Directed by Indy Dang

Produced by Indy Dang & Liam Kerwin

Cinematography by Neil Guliano

Music by Alyssa Wixson & Indy Dang

Moe, an introverted teenager with cancer, navigates adolescence after receiving a terminal diagnosis.

Growing Pains is my RISD Junior year thesis film. 

influence (2019)

(Public Viewing Not Yet Available)

Cal, a private school student struggling with his identity, starts to explore rebellion after his older brother suddenly drops out of college.

Written, Directed and Edited by Indy Dang

Produced by Indy Dang

Cinematography by Neil Guliano

Starring: Kyle Brier, Samuel Blustein, Callie Beaulieu, George Vezina, Alexander Matos, David Wingate, Samuel Masto, Joseph Fleming, Andrea Lyman, Osmani Rodriguez

INFLUENCE is my RISD Senior thesis film.